P2P Dust Boot

Keep your shop and your lungs clean!

The reviews are in -- the Pixels to Prototype dust boots are impressing customers everywhere!  The modular boot design allows for it to be the most versatile dust shoe on the market and keeps the price at half that of the competition!

X-Carve Direct Replacement Boot - CLICK HERE!

Custom Boot for Standard Routers and MANY Dust Collectors - CLICK HERE!

Next Wave Shark CNCs - CLICK HERE!


  • Fits 65mm Makita or Spindle, 70mm DeWalt DWP611 or Bosch Colt.

    • 80mm Spindle or 88.9mm Bosch are available in a larger boot.

  • 3 sizes of Magnetic brushes - 50mm, 70mm, 100mm to handle a HUGE range of tool lengths and MAXIMUM dust collection all while being able to quickly hot-swap them.

  • Magnetic slot in brush for EASY tool changes

  • 6 standard adapters available to cover most ShopVac Hoses and Dust Collectors - 1.25", 1,75", 2.25", 2.5", 3", 4" plus we can make ANY custom size you need!

  • Borescope options available - keep a CLOSE eye on your cuts and record your projects! CLICK HERE!

  • Made in the USA in Lafayette, IN!

The standard boot has been tested and is running on X-Carve, Shapeoko (with/without Upgraded Z Axis kits), OpenBuilds Lead CNC, Workbee CNC, CAM Master CNCs, and DIY CNCS! 

There is a special version of boot for the New Wave Shark HD CNCs with extra spacing to accommodate the spindle mount. Find it here!

Have a unique application or a crazy boot idea?  Reach out -- we also make custom boots!

Interchangeable Dust Hose Adapters

Pixels to Prototype Dust Collection Hose Adapters are all interchangeable and press-fit into the boot base.  This allow for you to change from a 1.75" ShoVac hose to a 4" Dust Collector hose in a matter of seconds for very low cost!  If you have a special hose you use, we can also create and make custom adapters!

See the P2P Dust boot in action!

Tool Change

New Boot Installation - 30seconds!

Brush Swap

Swap brushes for different tooling lengths and needs!  All standard brushes are interchangeable!

Borescope Video of CNC Cut

Custom Boots

Contact us to discuss a Custom Boot for your needs!

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