Here is a list of items I use in my shop and enjoy!  The Amazon links below are referral links and allow me to make a little bit of cash to fund my site/designs and it doesn't increase the price for you.  Feel free to reach out with any questions!


CNC Items from OpenBuilds:

    BlackBox Controller


    High Torque NEMA23 Steppers

    Electronics Connectors

​Office Items:

General Workshop Items:

Wireless Keyboard with Pad

20" Cheap Monitor

Monitor Mount

WiFi Point-to-point Extender for Shop:

Aluminum Blast Gate for Dust Collection

Re-Saw Band Saw Blade

Tackle Boxes for Small Part Storage

Bluetooth Headphones with Hearing Protection

Note Pads for Shop

Surge Protector

WiFi Adapter for Shop Computers

Multimeter for Electronics Troubleshooting

WEN Air Filter

WEN Air Filter Filters
3M Mask

4" Dust Collector Hose






CNC Items:
Z Probe
Threaded Inserts for Clamps
Threaded Inserts for Spoilboard

Leveling Casters for CNC Table



Laser Items:

Laser Safety Glasses

Laser Lense for Redsail Clone

Aviation Plugs


3D Printer Items:

BLTouch 3D Printer Probe

PEI Flex Plate

Dust Boot Items:
70MM Nylon Brush for Dust Shoes

USB Borescope 5.5mm

10mm Diameter 3mm Thick Magnets










Project Items:

Home Right Sprayer

Home Right Sprayer Cleaner

Paint Filters
Oracal Oramask 813

Cheap, Good Casters for Projects
East Coast Resin Epoxy
Syringes for Epoxy
Measuring Cups for Epoxy
Feet for Cutting Boards
Bottle Openers

Leather Scraps for Laser Engraving

Leather Paint

Dark Leather for Engraving

Leather Oil

Laser Rubber for Stamps
Fun LED Acrylic Stands

25mm Sanding Pad and Discs