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Here is a list of items I use in my shop and recommend from my experience!  The Amazon links below are referral links and allow me to make a little bit of cash to fund my site/designs and it doesn't increase the price for you.  Feel free to reach out with any questions!



CNC: Phantom SCV44 -

Laser: Generic Red and Black 80W CO2 from eBay

Planer: WEN 3-Blade, but would look at their new Spiral today:

Jointer: Rigid 6"

Air Filtration: Wen Air Filter -

Air Filtration: Box Fans with 20x20x1 furnace filters and the Pix2Proto Brackets! HERE

3D Printers:

PLA+ Filament: eSun PLA+ - JMO Technology LLC

​Office Items:

Thermal Printer: LabelRange LP620 -

Thermal Labels: 6x4 Labels for shipping -

Thermal Labels: 2.25" Rounds for Thank You Stickers -

Boxes: Amazon / Boxery / Uline

General Workshop Items:

20" Cheap Monitor:

Monitor Mount:

WiFi Point-to-point Extender for Shop:  This was a GAME CHANGER since I have a metal exterior building -

Aluminum Blast Gate for Dust Collection: Use this with 4" PVC for my system -

4" Dust Collector Hose: Rockler Dust Right

Tackle Boxes for Small Part Storage: Plano 3700 - perfect for screws, bolts, etc -

Note Pads for Shop:

WiFi Adapter for Shop Computers:

Multimeter for Electronics Troubleshooting:

Dust/Fume Masks: RZ Mask, 3M Mask -

CNC Items:
Threaded Inserts for Clamps: E-Z Lok 1/4-20 Inserts -
Threaded Inserts for Spoilboard: 1/4-20 T-Nut -

Laser Items:

Laser Safety Glasses: (Disclaimer: Not all Lasers are the same.  Make sure you purchase the right ones for your laser!)

Laser Lense for Redsail Clone: American Photonics

Aviation Plugs:

Dust Boot Items:

10mm Diameter 3mm Thick Magnets:

Project Items:

Homeright Sprayer:

Homeright Sprayer Cleaner:

Homeright Extra Container:

Paint Filters:
Oracal Oramask 813:

East Coast Resin Epoxy:
Syringes for Epoxy:
Measuring Cups for Epoxy:
Feet for Cutting Boards:
Wall Mount Bottle Opener:

Flush Mount Bottle Opener:

Laser Rubber for Stamps:
Fun LED Acrylic Stands:

25mm Sanding Pad and Discs:

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