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Storage Container Storage Container!

Well I made a Storage Container for my Storage Containers! I started to use plastic containers for storing screws, bolts, 3d printer parts, CNC parts, lag screws, etc. This container is able to store Plano 3700 Containers ( - Affiliate Link) and KastKing Tackle Boxes (, or even Harbor Freight Large Containers ( The openings are 370mm X 230mm X 60mm (14.5" X 9" X 2.36"). The Fusion360 file also allows you to customize the size of the openings and number of shelves using parameters.

Check out the FREE model files from the File Share and make your own! (Pixels to Prototype - Storage Container Storage Container Be sure to tag @pix2proto on instagram or facebook so I can see new organizers in the wild!

Have an idea for a project or shop organization? Reach out to me on Instagram/Reddit/Facebook @pix2proto

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