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CNC 4" Dust Hose Control! (Revision 2)

After putting my Dust Hose carriages in use for an extended period, I started to notice that their holding power degraded over time. I attribute that to the heat in the shop, but I think that is expected for many shops out there, so I went back to Fusion360 and came up with a new latch system that has multiple latch designs (one for wires and one without). I also determined that the wire clips I designs suffered a similar fate. There was no real reason to compete with velcro (hook and loop) that you can get cheaply from Amazon (

.stl files are provided for free for personal use only. Please contact me if you would like to use these in a different manner.

3/4" EMT Conduit Carriage (Rev.2)

These allow for the hose to slide down the EMT and move with the CNC. You will need (3) 608 Bearings, (3) 5/16"x1" Bolts, (3) 5/16" Nuts, and (2) 5/16" Washers per carriage.

Purchase: STORE

Download .stl: File Share (FREE!)

Z Axis Mount for Hose

Keeps the hose away from the spindle and Stepper motor

  • Version for mounting to the spacers for Workbee and Lead CNC machines.

  • Version for mounting to NEMA23 for many machine variations.

Z Axis showing both variations on a Workbee CNC.

Purchase: STORE

Download .stl: File Share (FREE!)

3/4" EMT Conduit Mount

3D Printed Mounts for utilizing 3/4" EMT conduit to support your dust hose! You will want a stick of 3/4" EMT Conduit, 90deg Bend, and some 3/4" EMT Couplings.

Purchase: STORE

Download .stl: File Share (FREE!)

Dust Boot

To finish off your new dust collector setup, check out the Pixels to Prototype Dust Boot!

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