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This listing is for a physical copy of the Petesqured Dust Boot, listed with collaboration and permission from Pete. If you are looking for the digital design, please visit Pete's site: . If you are looking for the hardware portions of the boot, please utilize the link above to provide Pete with affiliate sales.



- Split brush design with 8 magnets each side and tabs for a STRONG hold

- Custom made brush with 0.5mm filament size, specifically made for dust boots

- Many spacer sizes for compatability with a huge variety of spindles

- Connector for 5", 4", or 3" hoses for high cfm suction

- Custom modeled vortex design by Petesquared

- Colors are available upone request


There are a few changes to the design from standard design from Petesquared:

- Magnets used are 10x3 instead of the standard 10x4

- Hose adapters are connected to the vortex piece in the model, reducing the need for fasteners, but does not allow the ability to swap these adapters out. If this is a requirement for you, please reach out.


Please reach out with any questions.

Petesquared Dust Boot

SKU: 10910
$145.00 Regular Price
$125.00Sale Price
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