Dust shoe for a 70mm DeWalt DWP611 spindle on an X-Carve with a spindle lock access on the Left side of the spindle (as facing the machine).

This shoe uses magnets to attach the 70mm (2.75") brush. It also includes a cutout on the brush for easy removal for tool changes. This comes with an adapter to connect a 1.75" dust collector hose.  If you need a custom adapter -- please shoot me a message, I can accommodate most setups with just a little design work!


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I spent hours and hours testing and trying many dust boots on several CNCs that I have had over the years.   I had some that the brush piece would dislodge and cause ruined jobs.  I have had others that made it so frustrating to make tool changes that I tried to avoid them at all costs!  Well after all this trial and error, I have come up with the design you see here -- the Pixels to Prototype dust boot.  This dust boot is designed from the ground up in Fusion360 making it very easy to adjust and adapt for many different machines, spindles, and setups.  If you have a custom need, please to not hesitate to reach out!


I also make other boots for different needs:
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- Screw clamp for attaching directly to the spindle/router
- 70mm (2.75") nylon brush with Magnet attachment.  This also features 4 tabs to prevent the brush dislodging in the middle of a job.
- Brush Cutout piece for easy removal to perform tool changes.
- Quick Connect Hose Adapter

  • DeWalt DWP611 - 69mm diameter - 70mm Boot - Popular on XCarve, Shapeoko, Open Builds, and MANY DIY CNCs
  • 1.75"OD Adapter - Adapter ID is Tapered from (45.45mm) to (44.59mm).  OD of adapter is (52.45mm).  Designed for the hose to fit inside the adapter.  This fits hoses just like the XCarve Dust Shoe and was made as a direct replacement for an Xcarve shoe.

With the sheer number of CNCs out there and the different configurations - please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns with the Chat below, through the contact page, or emailing pix2proto@gmail.com!

P2P Dust Boot for X-Carve