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Digital design files for a French Cleat Shelf made from 1/2" Plywood.
The Fusion360 design is parameterized so that it can be easily adjusted for different sizes and needs.

Standard Dimensions:
Width: 27"
Depth: 12"
Height: 8"

This design is sold in digital form with files for the following popular formats: .f3d (Fusion 360), .step, .obj, .dwg, and .skp.

This was originally designed in Fusion 360 and utilizes parameters for sizing so that it easy to change to different sizes.
If you have a specific size you need, I would be happy to update and provide a specific file for you, just shoot me a message.
If you have  any questions, let me know!

French Cleat Shelf - Design Files for CNC - Fusion360 - Parameterized

SKU: 40004
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