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Pixels to Prototype Shop Capabilities

The Pixels to Prototype shop has many prototyping services to offer. This short post is to review some of the machinery and capabilities we have to offer!

One of the first machines we added was the Work Bee 1500x1500 CNC wood router. This machine has a capability to cut up to a 4'x4' area (48"x48") with a height of approximately 4". This machine can cut plywood, hard woods, plastics, foams, and some non-ferrous metals.

The next machine is our 80W CO2 Laser. This machine has a work envelope of 700x500 (27"x19"). The CO2 laser can engrave and cut plastics, wood, leather, etc. We have made everything from Leather Patches for hats to Acrylic Quilt Patterns to Birdhouses with this machine. It is very capable and accurate!

Finally, we have three 3D Printers that can run a variety of materials such as PLA, PLA+, PETG, and ABS. These printers are great for creating adapters, dust boots, and other prototypes. The build envelope for these printers is 8"x8"x8" with a large volume printer on order and coming soon!

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