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Pixels to Prototype Dust Boot v2

I have been working on the second generation Pixels to Prototype Dust Boot. This boot keeps many of the same features: magnetic brushes with locating tabs, many dust hose adapter sizes (1.25" to 4"+), and a clamp-on spindle mounting and adds a directed air path around the spindle. This directed air path provides more suction at the tool to evacuate chips more effectively.

Installation process:

We offer two bristle types - flex and stiff - to accommodate different setups and dust collectors/shop vacs.

Right now the v2 boot is only available in 65mm for routers (Spindles with 70mm (DeWalt DWP611) and 80mm currently in beta testing). Want to be a beta tester? Reach out!

Check the new v2 in action with only 1/2 of the brush installed and see how effective the directed air path is!

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