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Material Clamping System -- Clamps and Spoilboard

I have always played around with my CNC clamping systems and have tried many setups from T-Track to Screws to double-sided tape. There are definitely times when these methods are the right tool for the job, but for 90+% of my jobs I go with my 1/4-20 T-nut system with X and Y Stops. This allows me to quickly load a sheet of 1/2" plywood, clamp it down, and cut.

Here is a quick overview:

Here is a demonstration clamping down plywood:

Spoilboard and Clamp Gallery:

Shark 4HD Spoilboard:


Spoilboard Stops:

Workbee 1515 Spoilboard:

Shark 4HD Spoilboard:

Amazon Affiliate Link to the 1/4-20 Inserts:

T-Nut for Spoilboard:

Insert for Clamps:

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