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CNC Cut Flatpack Laptop Stand

In an attempt to create a more ergonomic work setup and the interesting design choice for the laptop manufacturer to place the laptop camera at the base of the monitor, led me to need a new solution for my work laptop. This need led me to design the Pixels to Prototype Laptop stand!

I wanted something that could be easily be broken down and moved as needed and also be stable and strong. I am usually more of a function over form designer, but in this project I took some time to add design elements to make it more visually pleasing. I also knew that this would be cut on my 4'x4' CNC machine and I took advantage adding curves and cutouts to take advantage of this. Check out more pictures below! This design is available for free to all Pixels to Prototype members and visitors in the File Share Section! Try it out, add your own flare, and post a picture of your result!

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